The importance of a good edit.


It's that moment when you've finally finished your masterpiece after taking you months if not years to complete. All the blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights have led you to this point and now its time to hand it over to be edited. A lot like the feeling of handing over your newborn baby to someone else to hold, hoping they don't drop them.

You sit back and take a deep breath, your work is done and you're left wondering whether or not the editor will understand your perspective.

My first edit did not go so well, leaving me frustrated, a little angry and annoyed. A wave of panic ran through me.  

Thankfully I have a good relationship with my editor and after various discussions and a few deep breaths on my part, we were able to agree on the required changes. This has made my story a lot more credible. 

The bottom line, having your work edited is hard, especially if your work is being edited through traditional measures where you are less likely to have a say. For self-publishers remember you have the right to disregard any changes suggested by your editor, just note that a good edit can make all the difference between a good book and a great book so roll with the blows and revisit your work with a clear head and a fresh set of eyes.